Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 04 — Your favorite foundation

hey again! so, I kind of failed at blogging for 30 days straight...well, let me explain. I had to be rushed to the hospital this weekend....such a terrible place to be. It was a really scary experience but at least one of the paramedics that came for me told me she liked my nails, lol. So, that's my reasoning.

Anywho, back to today's blog..my favorite foundation...Make Up For Ever HD Foundation. *sound of the clouds opening up* hahaah. The formula is so nice and blendable..I tend to just use my hands to apply just because it's a very runny and liquidy foundation...so using a brush is a little more of a hassle for me. It gives me medium coverage..and leaves my skin looking so smooooooth. Ah, I just love it :)


  1. A lot of ppl like this foundation! I need to open my eyes to new stuff other than MAC. Lol.


  2. you should! i looooove this stuff..its like liquid gold to me lol

  3. How well do you think such a runny foundation would hold up on combination oily/dry skin? I've always had a harder time with more liquidy formulas.

  4. hmm..i would go for something thicker or even a powder...but i have oily/combination skin...i do recomment the revlon colorstay...the oily/combo formula....it works for me in the summer when i tend to get more oily...and use a brush or a sponge...not your hands...you'll just transfer more oils onto your face! hope that helps :)

  5. I too am quite fond of this foundation!

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