Friday, May 6, 2011


Well, allow me to say that this past year, or year and a half Ive become a HUGE Revlon® fan. Their colorstay liquid foundation was the only foundation I would put on my face, until I met MAKE UP FOR EVER's High Definition Foundation, but that's for another post. Anyway, tonight I picked up two of their matte lipsticks. I'd only ever purchased the colorstay ones with the quilted looking packaging. To keep it short, the lipstick are truly matte and have a nice and creamy texture. I loved the overall application but my one complaint was that they weren't as lightweight as they advertise on their website. I kind of felt them sitting on my lips, if that makes any sense? They are quite vibrant and great for the price.

Now for the facts and pictures:

Net wt. 0.15 Oz
10 shades to choose from
Under $10- $8.49 @ Walgreens
Cruelty Free


  1. Thanks for the follow and the review!!! Im loving nude but not sure if I could rock that~ Would love to see photos of you wearing it though ^^

    Sucks though their not as lightweight as advertised D<

  2. Thanks for the feedback! :) Next posts will include me lol ;)

  3. love the nude attitude colour, I'm definitely gonna get it! xx

  4. nude attitude is my love lol i haven't tried peach stock yet, im gonna have too!
    Great blog!
    Thanks for following girl! xo